Beamer directional antenna being held and used by man in winter gear on snowy hillside.
Handheld unit showing hound dog able to be located via tracking on the Beamer Antenna at 17.60 miles away.
Beamer Antenna bag, royal blue in color on a metal table. The word Beamer is printed on bag. Bag has a carrying strap.
Man preparing to use the Beamer antenna on a cold winter day. Snow on ground and man is also wearing 2 of the dogsRtreed cable leashes and a dogsRtreed ball cap that is hunter green and tan in color.
Man using the Beamer antenna and also two different screens on handheld GPS unit showing dog location at 2.17 miles with full length telescoping whip antenna versus another screen showing location range of dog at 12.9 miles with the Beamer antenna. Over 6X improvement.
Man in winter attire showing the folded up Beamer antenna.
Beamer antenna in action on a snowy mountain hillside.
Beamer antenna folded up on a white background.
Beamer antenna close up photo


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Feeling frustrated when you're tracking your dog and it shows the dreaded question mark on your GPS tracker? Yes, we know how that feels too! For this reason, we proudly introduce the BEAMER!

Get ready to boost your tracking range with THE BEAMER EXTENDED RANGE ANTENNA for almost all GPS dog tracking systems! By adding the Beamer antenna to your handheld receiver, you can maximize your tracking range like never before! The BEAMER antenna is a simple plug and play antenna for your dog tracking systems that operate in the 150 MHz to 160 MHz frequency bands. 

The BEAMER Antenna is the perfect accessory for GPS trackers. This high performance antenna delivers improved signal acquisition and range up to 6 times or more than the standard GPS antenna, depending on terrain, foliage, and weather conditions. The BEAMER is equipped with a standard SMA cable for quick attachment to your handheld GPS receiver. Simply attach the BEAMER GPS antenna to your handheld device's SMA connection fitting and point the antenna in the direction you think your dog will be traveling. This is a directional unit. 

When folded, the Beamer is compact and lightweight at less than 12 ounces, making it easy to take wherever your dogs take you. Easy folding and telescoping action, means the Beamer antenna is quick to deploy and stow. 

The bottom line is.... if you are using a GPS tracker, YOU NEED THE BEAMER!


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews


Wayne Newman

Have not used this item yet

Thank you Wayne, we really appreciate your 5 Star review, and that you are trying out the Beamer!

sean holland
Not the range I expected

Not the range I expected even in the terrain I hunt I’m sure it would do great in the wide open country where some people hunt but I really expected a little bit more than what I got range wise

Kyle Johnson

Great item and great service

Mike Eaton
BEAMER give you more range than I have ever seen on a Garmin !

Great Product it makes a huge difference !