WELCOME to the dogsRtreed Shop everyone! I am Kevin, and my wife’s name is Nancy. Our home is in the beautiful state of Idaho. We are the founders of the dogsRtreed Facebook page, and we are sincerely happy that you have taken some time to explore our dogsRtreed website!

Many of my earliest and happiest memories as a young boy, involve stomping around in all types of beautiful country following my Dad and a pack of dogs, with a sandwich and a couple bottles of water in my backpack. Many years later...not much has changed. Except, that I have had plenty of my own ups and downs, thousands of learning experiences of what not to do and what to do better, and my time doing this fabulous sport is now spent with many other people that are also very important to me.

Our number one goal with this website and the page forum, is to bring opportunities for all - to gain and share knowledge, enhance the experience for everyone through the sharing of awesome photos, and to have a place where we all share the love of our dogs and our sport. At the same time, we get to enjoy knowing that we are part of a pretty cool community of good people. If you are here, then you too, are a part of that community!

Nancy and I together, have enjoyed hunting, exploring, camping, and the joy that comes from raising litters of pups and forever contributing value to the wonderful sport of hunting with a solid, healthy and well-trained pack of dogs. Take much care, Kevin and Nancy.