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Here is WHY WE CHOSE THE BGB SPRING SNAP, and also why we will never use a SPRING SNAP OTHER THAN BGB! We have used a dog tie-out gang line for over 12 years that features the BGB Spring Snap. We never really thought about the fact that not once did any BGB snap on the line EVER FAIL. This year, we decided to enter into the leash and tie-out market by manufacturing our own products to offer on our websites. Our goals in this quest, were to offer QUALITY, DURABILITY, AND VALUE TO OUR CUSTOMERS. We instantly thought about those snaps on that old tie-out and set out to find them, which was no easy feat. However, with perseverance and determination we succeeded in finding them, and gaining permission to purchase and use them in our products. We are overjoyed and proud to offer these superior snaps! 


In 1946 the patent was granted for the B G B® – snap (also known as the Swedish Snap) hook almost instantly became very well accepted and appreciated, mostly for use on dog leashes and other harnesses. But it soon found its way to new applications and markets. One example is the big British-Norwegian-Swedish expedition, headed by the famous explorer Walter Schytt, to the South Pole in 1948-1952.


This gave the B G B® – snap hook the opportunity –  to get tested in the toughest environment possible. The hook had to endure the very cold climate but the biggest challenge was the temperature changes from cold to warm. The expedition tested several hooks but the B G B® – snap hook was the only one that stood the test of time.

The quality and durability of the B G B® – snap hook – was then, and is still to this day unsurpassed. Today – the products and trademark of B G B® -snap hooks – are well recognized and respected around the world, and have reached more popularity than ever before. BGB snaps are used in a variety of different products and applications where high quality, durability and security is of the essence.

 ***dogsRtreed has been granted permission to use the above content and photos, by the BGB Company*** This content and the photos do remain the copyrighted property of BGB.